Make Magic Snapback - Blue Thread

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Keep Make Magic literally on top of your mind. 
Puns aside, it's a dope snapback. 

Features include:

  1. Business Mode: Turned to the front, Make Magic is a statement, commandment, and the credo to live by.
  2. Hustle Mode: When the visor is turned to the back the snapback is revealed and with it, the challenge to Make Magic. When you look in the mirror and see your hat humbly ask you, "Hey friend, are you making magic?" Are you going to break your hat's spirit with a pitiful no? Of course not! Not only because the question was rhetorical but because you're gonna be like, "Hat, I got you. Watch me now. Ain't ya heard? I Make Magic." and you'll go on being a badass into the sunset because that's just how you do.
  3. Blocker Mode: When narrow-minded fools start stepping out of their lanes and into your business telling you the improbability of success, turn your head back to where your focus needs to be, and let the side of the hat carry your message. "Ain't you heard?" As in this person clearly isn't in the know about the surplus of badassery you exude on a daily basis. Get back to honing your craft and have your side hat handle the nonsense.

Now we can return to the expected information:

• Lots of acrylic, like 85% of it is only acrylic, and you know what that means...
the rest has to be something else! To ease the suspense, it's wool! A whopping 15% because math is fun and this is a pro sheep shop. Just saying, we don't abscond or kidnap sheep with hilariously hyperbolic ribbons like a company similar to the name of Prooks Prothers. No shade though, true facts.
• Structured to stand up to negativity, high-profile like you're building to be, and 6-paneled because six is better than five?
• Plastic snap closure -- it ain't called a snapback for nothing.
• Grey under visor -- get a sharpie and write something that's gonna anchor you back to why you do what you do. You'll remember every time you look up.
• Head circumference: 22” - 24” -- Nothing clever here, if you have a big or tiny head, send a message with your head circumfrence to tanmay@kayande.co. I want you to have this hat. We'll find a way to make it happen.