• Work In Life

    Enterprise Architecture,
    Product Management,
    or CRM Expertise.

    These have been my focus over the last decade.

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  • Life Beyond Work

    An assorted ensemble of
    memories well made,
    times well spent,
    and things well done,
    especially, when the world wasn't watching.

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  • Behind The Scenes

    For both Work and Life,
    the magic is in the process.

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We raise the caliber of life
by raising the caliber of self.
The things we make and the actions we take
must be built to last and timeless.

We exalt beauty.
It is imbued in our spirit
as we imbibe the richness
and quality of experience.
As we travel, the world is our muse.

This inspires how we innovate, 
in our relentless pursuit of excellence.
This is how we stay timeless,
by pushing past the limits of the times we're in.

We accept the risk,
we flirt with danger,
we challenge the standard
with ek talwar baher.