Tanmay Kayande

Trusted advisor and Volunteer CTO

The Architect for Leaders at Enterprises and Startups
who are using AI and Automation
to transform their business

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What I do.

After nearly a decade of being the trusted advisor to executives from
startups to SMBs to enterprise scale organizations,
I’ve found patterns in the business architectures of those that lead their field.
I know, because I’ve designed and developed their systems and processes
using models and frameworks to help affect billions of users.

AI and Automation have reset the playing field.
As the tides of business change there is a "Convergence".
Enterprises use AI and Automation to get lean and agile like Startups.
Startups use AI and Automation to operate at the leveraged scale of Enterprises.
Having experience across that spectrum makes me uniquely qualified to help.


When you bring AI to transform your business, you need someone who’s seen the tech and business implications. My career has been built at that crossroad.
I deliver rapid results with innovative strategy driving transformative outcomes against your urgent, critical, and ambiguous challenges.

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Out of my work transforming businesses emerged a way consistently and repeatedly enabling tight teams of brilliant people to deliver disproportionate output in very little time.

Decreasing meetings, amounts of rework, and operational costs
Increasing clarity of communication, speed + volume of output, and alignment across teams

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I've spent nearly a decade focused on orchestrating end-to-end business process automation across systems and platforms at scale. My expertise is honed on processes for Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Customer Service.

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We raise the caliber of life
by raising the caliber of self.
The things we make and the actions we take
must be built to last and timeless.

We exalt beauty.
It is imbued in our spirit
as we imbibe the richness
and quality of experience.
As we travel, the world is our muse.

This inspires how we innovate, 
in our relentless pursuit of excellence.
This is how we stay timeless,
by pushing past the limits of the times we're in.

We accept the risk,
we flirt with danger,
we challenge the standard
with ek talwar baher.