About Me

I've been a broker, a banker, and a ballroom dancer all before stepping into tech.
Over the last decade, I have solved problems for businesses of all sizes.
My specialty has been platform and process optimization and architecture.
Professionally, I manage Product Operations at Google, advise early-stage Startups, advocate AI Ethics, and volunteer as the CTO of a multinational nonprofit.
What I'm proud of is I have time to spare and keep an air of calmness.
Still waters run deep.

Over the next few years, I aim to help leaders in tech, especially founders, navigate a capricious future. I reign the chaos of continuous change. I aim to work with people doing big, bold, impactful things and overcoming challenges seemingly insurmountable to others.

In order to get the big things right, we need to do the little things well.
Of the 1001 things you could do, I help figure out
what are the few things you need to do,
how they should be done,
who is the best team to do them,
and, if needed, help execute.

Together, we can make tomorrow better than today. 
For me, innovation and helping others drives a life full of meaning and purpose.  
I want to break limits, make magic, pursue excellence, and push humanity forward.

Join me on this mission.

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